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Mission Statement

The mission of Bridges, Inc. is to connect immigrants and refugees, resettling in this country, with the services and resources they will need to become successful citizens in their new communities.

Our Vision

The vision of Bridges, Inc. is to create a supportive network of programs, collaborations, education and outreach to newly resettled immigrants and refugees so that they will feel safe, welcomed, encouraged and empowered to become active and productive citizens of the United States.

Bridges, Inc. strives to meet the psychological, social, occupational, literacy and educational needs of new arrivals not met by the resettlement agencies.  We plan to meet these needs by conducting outreach within the community and by:


  • Establishing, locating or enhancing English Language and literacy programs.
  • Establishing and maintaining after-school acculturation programs for Youth
  • Establishing and maintaining support groups for women
  • Establishing programs for elderly, disabled and others with difficulty adjusting
  • Developing occupational skills
  • Educating about legal rights/responsibilities and social norms
  • Practicing skills for psychological recovery to assist those arriving with severe emotional trauma
  • Building and maintaining relationshipes within the communitiies (churches, schools, colleges, mental health agencies, resettlement agencies, civic agencies, youth programs)
  • Preparing new arrivals for citizenship in the United States
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